Friday, April 19, 2013

Waffles, Balls, and Picnics!

So, not sure what to post this morning, ever have that happen to you? Well I guess I'll give you a video on how to make delicious waffles ^.^
I made them this morning and they taste awesome :3
Save those waffles, because next is how to make an animal jam picnic!

Buy the picnic blanket and some beach towels, then add a lemonade stand or two.
Gather a few buddies and ask if they want to have a picnic with you, then sit and chat.
After doing that, finish it off by having a game of baseball with the Baseball Gear.
If you get your buddy/s to play along, you'll have a great time. You could also use
rain and lightning clouds to look like there's a storm, and be trapped in it.

One more thing. Masked Balls.

Change your den to a Princess Castle, and decorate it with everything pink and purple.
Get a buddy to be "the prince", and call a bunch of people to your den. For masks, use
the Butterfly Masks in store. The prince will have a final dance with one of the ladies.

They are both very fun!
**Blossom Vonclaws THE EPICLY COOL**

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