Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Story :3

Hi Jammers! Today I have a story for you all.

Mistyfoot ran across the sunlit valley,Forestpaw following behind me. "Wait  up, Misty!" she called. She
slowed down, dirt flying from behind my paws.  It was time for the  patrols to be set out,
and Mistypaw knew she would have to go. "Forestpaw, I'll be back as quick as I can. I
just need to get this patrolling over with". "It's fine, take your time" Forestpaw replied with
an affectionate lick. Mistypaw walked slowly through the grass, stopping to smell the crisp
spring air. "What could go wrong? It's a fine, sunny day to hang around" she asked herself.
"Mistypaw, Forestpaw, come look. We found something you might need to be aware of. The
two cats raced eachother to Silverstar, and looked at what she was nodding to. "Pawprints"
Forestpaw said. "They don't look like Sunclan pawprints at all". Silverstar nodded. "Maybe it's
just a foreign clan cat crossing to Fourtrees. You know, every cat needs to cross Sunclan
to get to Fourtrees". Mistypaw mewed in agreement, and went to the border of the camp
to patrol. Goldenheart and Brightpaw was there too. "How do you do, Mistypaw?" Goldenheart
asked smiling. "I'm alright. A little worried about the pawprints Silverstar found". Goldenheart nodded. "I
am a little worried myself. Hopefully everything will be ok between Sunclan and the others". Mistyfoot
wished she could have as much compassion and hope as Goldenheart. She came back to the camp, and
sat in the apprentice's den, snacking on a vole. "First time I've seen you eat in moons. You're skinnier then a rogue" Dawnclaw said. "She's plump enough. Now go eat the mouse bile you caught" Forestpaw replied, blinking at Mistypaw. Mistypaw started to dream.... just pressing against Forestpaw's warm flank...

Chapter 2 will come soon!

**Blossom the EPICLY COOL**

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