Saturday, May 11, 2013

Last Post... Authors..? Or not..

Sorry guys, I'm not into this blog anymore. I decided I'd hire authors to keep it going. I'll probably do Teddybear44444, PeppyPandaPal, and I already sent an author request to xXQueenBunnyXx. I used to LOVE with a capital L-O-V-E blogging and having 500+ viewers. Now, I see blogging as kind of... work!

So, I hope this isn't this blog's last post, but don't count on it to not be.
I still go on Youtube and Animal Jam, so don't rapidly delete me.Just not blogging.
P.S. I got first comment on AJS ^.^


  1. u stick to this blog.September 4, 2014 at 2:52 PM

    THIS BLOG IS AWESOME DON'T QUIT. I have a poem for you and this blog. Roses are red and Violets are blue Sugar is sweet and so are you! But the roses died the violets lost their color and all is gone but one thing is left, your cat whiskers. I have news to tell you, Your cat Whiskers has died but one thing will be left in your heart Whiskers. But you have moved on so another thing is left in your heart, this blog. This blog will go down in history have a nice stay and have a nice dream Whiskers is still alive in a different place but also in your heart :D

    1. AJpaleggs/Now SequinPeace, Not Signed InJanuary 9, 2016 at 9:23 PM

      sorry you were a year and four months late
      But I can't really say that, because I was also a year and four months late to replying to your comment.

      Thank you for the support. It means a lot to me, since I was younger when I made this blog and I thought 500 views was such a big milestone :P. AJ was a big part of my life, and it still is, but I play it a lot less. I'm happier with my life now, because I have more time with my family and my social life is better :3. Sometimes I feel like warning new jammers about how incredibly addicting Animal Jam is, but then I change my mind. It's a huge learning experience that improved my technical skills and my writing :). I made some of my blogs at such a young age that my parents wouldn't believe it. Sometimes I wish that people would support me and congratulate me more often, but I guess there's people my age who have done even better than I have. Oh well.

      However, I don't really think your talents are the only thing that can make you amazing. There are great actors, singers, writers, etc. that are terrible people. Who you are makes you amazing, not who you were, or what you can do.

      Omg :o I'm sorry for writing a novel. Trying to kill time. :P
      Have a nice... day? Nah. Have a nice life :)

  2. Are you still accepting authors...?