Long ago in Jamaa, a monkey named Graham was born. Graham loved inventing.
He was a master when it came to machines and trinkets. One morning, Graham woke
up and walked outside. There was a glowing stone in the grass  - a spirit stone. He
had to tell Mira. Graham went to Jamaa Township, but Mira wasn't there. Something
was wrong. Mira was always in Jamaa Township watching over the Jamaasians. Graham
went to the Lost Temple to find Zios, but all he saw were animals gathered around a crushed
statue. Zios was dead. "What happened?" Graham asked the animals. Some little animals started
to cry, but a horse replied. "Spider like creatures started to attack, and Zios died". A look of
shock flashed over Graham's face as he started asking more questions. "Where's Mira?" "In
Sarepia Forest". He rushed to Sarepia, and he found Mira talking to some more animals.
It sounded like she said, "I have grown weak without Zios. I will choose some helpers".
Then she looked at Graham. "Ah, there you are, Graham! Come over here, would you?"
Graham slowly walked toward Mira. "I hear you are good with inventing. Can you help
make machines to fix all this distruction?" Graham nodded. "Then, I guess you can be my helper.
My... my alpha!"
... And that is how Graham became an alpha!

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