Separating Ink Colors
You need:
Strip of Paper Towel
Green Marker/ felt tipped pen
Glass with 1 inch of water

1. Draw a small circle with your green marker 2 inches from the paper
towel strip.

2. Hang the strip in the jar, making sure the colored spot is above
the water, and the end of the strip below it is in the water. Let it stand
for 15 minutes.

The green circle will change colours. Why? Because, green is made of two colours,
yellow and blue. When you mix secondary colours with water, they come apart,
creating two different colours.

Making Rainbows
You need:
baking pan
small mirror
sheet of plain white paper

1. Pour an inch of water into the baking pan. Place the pan in a spot
where sun shines directly on it (indoors or outdoors).

2. Lean your small mirror against the edge of the pan, directing the mirror's
reflection onto the white paper or even a white cieling.

You should see a rainbow of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and purple
on your paper or cieling. The mirror and water causes the sunlight to bend, showing
it's colours.

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