Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Trading Tips

Trading Tips
Here are some trading tips, I got the idea from Jamaa's Written Truth.

1. Don't let someone else tell you how rare your items are!
Scammers basically want people to think their items are super rare,
and that the person should trade a really rare item for it. Let's say you trade a cream
glove for a leaf necklace that recently came out, and the scammer
runs away. You'll think "What was that for?", then later realize
that you got scammed.

2. Think of popularity before rarity!
As you might know, Yellow Party Hats are the rarest, but does everyone
really want a yellow Hat? Most likely a blue Party Hat will be concidered
rarer, because it is more popular. So, think of the popularity before rarity.
Don't trade a spiked wristband for a slightly odd item not many people want.

3. Overtrade!
Overtrading is when you have lots of small rares (Fox Hats, Gloves, Beards) and want a rare item.
Try doing a dark blue fox hat, black glove, and cream beard for a striped black top hat. It's easier
Then trading the beard for nonmember bat wings, then the bat wings for a founder, then the founder for
the striped black top.

4. Downtrade!
Now you're stuck with a Striped Black Top, and nothing else. Well, downtrading is basically
trading one super rare item for a bunch of smaller rares. Trading a Black Striped Top Hat
for two beards, a purple fox hat, and three legends is a downtrade.

5. Ask for more!
Let's say you have a Founder's Hat and someone will trade a Solid Black Top for it.
All along that would be a fair trade, but you can hide unfair in a few ways. Say something like
"Maybe if you add your cream beard". They will most likely say "fine" and do the trade.

6. Don't be included in the more then 1 person trades.
Someone says, "trade your Solid Black Top Hat for my Fox Hat,
I know Stallion1, she will trade a Founder for it." You trade them your Solid Black Top,
and they run off. They probably NEVER even knew Stallion1 in the first place.

7. Know what's rare and unrare.
Most people think of their Dream Items highly rare, and they may pester you about
Overtrading. Say someone's dream item is their Cream Beard, and they
make you trade three Tops. DON'T DO IT. You always get stuck with their measly
"dream" item, which always happens to be less rare then the items you traded.

8. Make Them trade (ok... not reccommended)
If a difficult trader starts saying no to every offer, let's say
Beard for Legend, say "_____ for ______, final trade. Take it or leave it".
If they still say no, start pestering them about how they could have a Beard right now,
and how beards are really rare, trust me, they'll say "FINE .-." and do the trade.

9. Go somewhere other then Aldan.
Everyone in Aldan knows their rares, and half the people are Beta Testers themselves.
I've gotten two pirate swords for the Rare Monday colored Gazelle Horns and a 2011 Pink
Purse. So, just having someone who doesn't realize your item is less rare then theirs helps.

Keep trading, and you'll get you're dream item someday!

**Blossom Vonclaws the EPICLY COOL**


  1. What's worth a Rare Black Glove?

    Btw, LOVE your background :)

  2. What's worth a Rare Black Glove?

    Btw, LOVE your background :)