Game tips

Today's game guide is.. Best Dressed!
So, the first theme is, let's say the sleepiest.
I used the boy eyes, a blanket,curly wig, and some dark colors on my animal.

(This isn't on my main animal, I know it looks different xD)
Here's some ways to win known themes:

A white bunny with a brown or black wig to look like
Chocolate Syrup and black spots for chocolate chips.

Like a phantom:
Wolf: Black all over, with red lightning pattern, a black spiked collar, and anything creepy and black or red.
Bunny: Black all over, Red/black evil eyes, Phantom Hat, Legendary Glove, and Black Spiked Collar.

Wolf: Bright colors such as red, orange, yellow, and pink, Freedom wings/cape, and Bat Glasses.
Bunny: Bright colors such as orange bunny with pink ears, bright swirl pattern, Scary Bat Wings/Wings, and Bat Glasses.

Hope this helped!
**Blossom the EPICLY COOL**

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