Monday, April 15, 2013

A poem..

Hi again x3
Today I have a poem for you all. It is quite random.
*50 years of thinking*

I've been shredded, cut, and tear,
Brought down by Jammers who just don't care.
I've been lead into several messes,
Which I tried to do my best in,
I tried, and tried, and tried to succeed,
You may think life has scarred me deep.
But I'm still here, to this day,
Ignoring others' unrespectful way,
Brought into danger, brought into lies,
Torn to make others satishfied,
I've been betrayed, been lost,
Tried to help, but led into exhaust,
But my power hasn't left,
Which is what I'm proud of best.

Did you like it? :D comment with your opinions!

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