Monday, April 15, 2013

Skyways! :D

So, today I have a new little glitch. Not that new (about a year old, silly me xD), but it's a goodie.

Sorry for the flickering, can't help it :P
You got it, Skyways. Skyways are very easy (at least in my den x3) to do, so here's some instructions.

1. Go to my den! My den's skyways are easier then Coral Canyons and such.
2. Click a player card of someone in your world, and pre-open the games tab.

3. Click the tree in the top left hand corner of my den. I always have my castle den ;D

4. Click the game quickly, then cancel.
5. Switch animals while running on the wall to prevent from running off (was that "smart" talk xD)
6. You'll be on the wall :3

**Blossom VonClaws THE EPICLY COOL**


  1. First comment :P
    Anyway, I thought when you said "goodie" that you meant the treats you can add to your hot drinks in the cocoa hut... no idea why.. lol.
    Also, check out my blog Blossom (NOT A SPAM ITS AN ANIMAL JAM BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111)

  2. That reminds me of the old days. The cocoa hut was so new, and it seemed like a little arctic cafe to me, to talk to my buddies while sipping hot cocoa. Now it's for some people to warm up by the fire, and every blue moon, buddies hang out. Kind of weird how Animal Jam can change. And you can advertise appropriate blogs, just not dieting and all that.

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