Saturday, April 20, 2013

Ladybug Rocks

Hey guys. I was trolling around in my den, and a message popped up from AJHQ saying there were Earth Day Crafts on the Daily Explorer. When I went to look, it told how to make Ladybug Rocks. Here's the instructions!

You need:
Smooth, round, or oval rocks
Acrylic Craft Paint in multiple colors
Black Acrylic Craft Paint
2 Googley Eyes for each ladybug
Black permanent marker

1. Completely wash and dry all your rocks.

2. Paint your rocks in your favorite colors, then allow them to dry.
Apply second and third coats if needed. Lighter colors may need a few coats.

3. Paint the head on using black Acrylic Craft Paint. Make it any shape you choose.

4. Use a black Permanent Marker to draw a line down the center of the rock.

5. Dip the end of a large paintbrush, or the eraser of a pencil, in black Acrylic Craft Paint. Dot on the spots, reloading with paint after every dot. Let dry completely.

6. Using white Craft Glue, attach on Googley Eyes and let dry.

Have fun making your Ladybug Rocks!

**Blossom the EPICLY COOL**

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