Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Here's a little story I made up of Peck's land, Coral Canyons ^.^ I hope you like it!

Peck was given a land full of sand and the yellowish orange canyons, like
the other alphas. She wanted her land to be a bit more fun to create,
it was hard thinking of cool things to add to an empty canyon. Then she
got an idea. She could make a studio, filled with paints, clays, and
all sorts of things she could make artwork with. There was even a place
where jammers could print out coloring and activity sheets, and an easel
where they could paint pictures and send them to AJHQ. She also added
a shop where you could buy banners, wooden toys, and pottery. The shop
didn't last long, though. Soon, it was replaced with a den shop, where jammers
could buy dens while they were exploring the canyons. She also added Epic
Wonders, a mysterious shop with some jamaasian souls like Zios. Peck made
a few carvings in Epic Wonders. One was of Sophia, the horse alpha.
She sold very high value and rare items, like golden bricks, crystal
alpha statues, and golden gloves. Coral Canyons became a very quiet,
peaceful land.

Don't judge, I'm not a great Jamaasian Story-teller. Comment
with your opinion :3.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

how to make a screenshot

r1. To take a screenshot press Prnt Scrn on a Dell, or Shift+alt+4 on a Mac.

2. Go into paint and press Ctrl+v.

3. Highlight the part you want in the picture:
4. Right click, then click "copy to"
5. Choose a file name and save it.

You've got a screenshot!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

videos and no one came to party

Here's some videos of the week, and also, I was kinda dissapointed when no one
showed up at the party. Yeah, my blog will never be as good
as SnowyClaw's, Goofy8966's, Bigcatsfoever's, or trickertree's.
I am working on adding pages to it, and I'm sorry if I don't post
at your prefered time. Not that I'm "heartbroken", just a little....
ok, sad. Here's the videos though!

These are by Julian2 and Ramuffin!

Have an awesome time on AJ!

**Blossom Vonclaws the EPICLY COOL**

Friday, April 26, 2013

PARTY IN 2 HOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gosh golly, the party's in two hours! Here's the new jammers of the week.

1. xXQueenBunnyxX
2. MetroLeafs
3. allysaonnx3

Hopefully you can all make it to the blog party!
Here's my idea.
 Meet up at my den in Culgoa at 6:00, and after 20 minutes, move to Jamaa Township
and create a flash mob. Then party in club geos until 7:00, and gather in my den again until

Dress up your best, and you don't have to send any gifts, only if you really appreciate the
blog. You don't need to pay me to like it!

**Blossom the EPICLY COOL**

Monday, April 22, 2013

Party and Music Video

Good news. It's Monday, and we're OVER 200 views!!! Here's the party date :D!

Friday, 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM EST

I hope you all can com! Sorry for not posting, there's already two more Earth Day Crafts,
and I got inspired by SnowyClaw to do a music video with all my fans in it. Here's what I

The music video will be More Like Her (Miranda Lambert), you can search up the lyrics on www.metrolyrics.com.  Screenshot a scene of you acting/singing the lyrics as your animal,
then send it to www.princessme@gmail.com, I will try to use all the screenshots I get.
If there is a duplicate, I'll try to choose one that will go best with the lyric. Here's some ideas:

I should have held onto my pride - Lions and Tigers dancing together.
I guess I should have been more like her - Your animal looking into the mirror.

I hope this wasn't confusing, just send the screenshots in by May 30th.

**Blossom the EPICLY COOL**

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Ladybug Rocks

Hey guys. I was trolling around in my den, and a message popped up from AJHQ saying there were Earth Day Crafts on the Daily Explorer. When I went to look, it told how to make Ladybug Rocks. Here's the instructions!

You need:
Smooth, round, or oval rocks
Acrylic Craft Paint in multiple colors
Black Acrylic Craft Paint
2 Googley Eyes for each ladybug
Black permanent marker

1. Completely wash and dry all your rocks.

2. Paint your rocks in your favorite colors, then allow them to dry.
Apply second and third coats if needed. Lighter colors may need a few coats.

3. Paint the head on using black Acrylic Craft Paint. Make it any shape you choose.

4. Use a black Permanent Marker to draw a line down the center of the rock.

5. Dip the end of a large paintbrush, or the eraser of a pencil, in black Acrylic Craft Paint. Dot on the spots, reloading with paint after every dot. Let dry completely.

6. Using white Craft Glue, attach on Googley Eyes and let dry.

Have fun making your Ladybug Rocks!

**Blossom the EPICLY COOL**


Heya guys! Good news. It's almost time for the first Animal Jam Forest Party!
So, if we get 200 views by Tuesday next week, I will announce the date and time of
the party. Here's some helpful hints on how to make a party happen before time runs out.

1. View AJF daily!
I post every day, and at totally random times, too!
Checking every day will increase the amount of views,
and make the party happen.

2. Vote on the poll near the sidebar!
If I notice no one voted, or they mostly
voted that the blog is terrible, I may take AJF
down! You have a time limit to vote, so start
voting now!

3. Just keep trying!
We do need to get 40 views in 3 days.
View, view, view, view, view, view, view,
view, view, view, view, view, view, VIEW!!

**Blossom the EPICLY COOL**

Friday, April 19, 2013

Waffles, Balls, and Picnics!

So, not sure what to post this morning, ever have that happen to you? Well I guess I'll give you a video on how to make delicious waffles ^.^
I made them this morning and they taste awesome :3
Save those waffles, because next is how to make an animal jam picnic!

Buy the picnic blanket and some beach towels, then add a lemonade stand or two.
Gather a few buddies and ask if they want to have a picnic with you, then sit and chat.
After doing that, finish it off by having a game of baseball with the Baseball Gear.
If you get your buddy/s to play along, you'll have a great time. You could also use
rain and lightning clouds to look like there's a storm, and be trapped in it.

One more thing. Masked Balls.

Change your den to a Princess Castle, and decorate it with everything pink and purple.
Get a buddy to be "the prince", and call a bunch of people to your den. For masks, use
the Butterfly Masks in store. The prince will have a final dance with one of the ladies.

They are both very fun!
**Blossom Vonclaws THE EPICLY COOL**

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Animal Jam Forest Club!

Hey guys. You know what the title means.
Finally, any fans can join the Animal Jam Forests Club! Just comment your username, a little about yourself, and your favourite part of the blog!
Here's some people I would like to join. I will always be editing this post, so for now...
Amy Jaio (How do you spell Jiao again?!)

So, anyone can comment, and soon I will make a page for the Animal Jam Forest Club.
You may display Artwork, Parties, and Stories there!
Here's an example of a comment of someone who wants to join:

Hi! I'm Ajpaleggs, and I want to join AJF Club! I like Warrior Cats a lot,
and also am good at thinking of things to make everyone have a fun time
in Jamaa! My favourite part of the blog is your stories and contests.

So, for the 1,000,000th time,
Comment your username, a little about yourself, and your favourite part of the blog. Check back, I will comment replying when you are officially a member. Send artwork, Stories, and Party Invites to
www.princessme5@gmail.com , and I will post it on the blog!

**Blossom VonClaws the EPICLY COOL**

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Fun things to do!

Random fun things to do.

Trick-Or-Treating: On Halloween, get a few nice buddies to hand out "candy" to Jammers. The candy will be replaced with plushies, and the Good Houses will give out rares. This is optional, but you can decorate your den like a regular house (a bathroom, living room, dining room, ect.) and invite the Jammers inside to talk and have some "candy"! Have your buddy/husband/child to go to Jamaa Township and announce which houses give out candy.

School: This is an oldie but a goodie. Switch dens for each class, or go to a side account's den. Make school fun, and buddy the students so you can make school daily. Have their be school plays, spelling bees, and a weekly drawing contest where the winner can be Teacher's Assistant and will recieve a small rare. On Fridays, test the student's cooking skills by letting them create their own lunch in the Cafeteria. They can also have the Cafeteria Workers try it, and the Workers will sell the food if it tastes good to them.

Book Club: Gather a few Jammers, (no more then four) and ask them about what books they like. Then, ask them if they have it. If they do, have each member read at least a chapter a week, and the member that got the farthest into the book will get to discuss what happened. If the Jammer doesn't have that book, read the story to them (a chapter a day preferably) and then have them tell what part they liked best and the parts where the author was hard to understand.

Wolf or fox scouts: Have the scout members send plushies to Jammers and include a nice letter with each Jam A Gram, and make that count as selling cookies. If someone sells 5-10, give them a normal nonmember item sold in shops, for 15-20, give them a member item sold in shops, for 25-30, give them a nonmember rare, and for 35-40, give them a member rare. You can also have parties and sleepovers to places such as the Sarepia Theater and Conservation Museam.

Play Date: This one's my favorite. Grab a buddy to your den, and create a dining room, a living room, a bedroom, a child room, and a bathroom. First, show them around the house, and start off with playing with toys. When the buddy describes what the toy is doing, move the toys around to match what they say. Then, say it's lunch, sit at the table, and pretend to eat a sandwhich. For a little while, play with a pet or do some games with the buddy, then say you want to show them your treehouse. Go outside and switch your den to a treehouse. and start playing and climbing. After 30 minutes say your mom is calling you, switch to you regular den, have dinner, and say goodbye.

**Blossom Vonclaws THE EPICLY COOL**

Story :3

Hi Jammers! Today I have a story for you all.

Mistyfoot ran across the sunlit valley,Forestpaw following behind me. "Wait  up, Misty!" she called. She
slowed down, dirt flying from behind my paws.  It was time for the  patrols to be set out,
and Mistypaw knew she would have to go. "Forestpaw, I'll be back as quick as I can. I
just need to get this patrolling over with". "It's fine, take your time" Forestpaw replied with
an affectionate lick. Mistypaw walked slowly through the grass, stopping to smell the crisp
spring air. "What could go wrong? It's a fine, sunny day to hang around" she asked herself.
"Mistypaw, Forestpaw, come look. We found something you might need to be aware of. The
two cats raced eachother to Silverstar, and looked at what she was nodding to. "Pawprints"
Forestpaw said. "They don't look like Sunclan pawprints at all". Silverstar nodded. "Maybe it's
just a foreign clan cat crossing to Fourtrees. You know, every cat needs to cross Sunclan
to get to Fourtrees". Mistypaw mewed in agreement, and went to the border of the camp
to patrol. Goldenheart and Brightpaw was there too. "How do you do, Mistypaw?" Goldenheart
asked smiling. "I'm alright. A little worried about the pawprints Silverstar found". Goldenheart nodded. "I
am a little worried myself. Hopefully everything will be ok between Sunclan and the others". Mistyfoot
wished she could have as much compassion and hope as Goldenheart. She came back to the camp, and
sat in the apprentice's den, snacking on a vole. "First time I've seen you eat in moons. You're skinnier then a rogue" Dawnclaw said. "She's plump enough. Now go eat the mouse bile you caught" Forestpaw replied, blinking at Mistypaw. Mistypaw started to dream.... just pressing against Forestpaw's warm flank...

Chapter 2 will come soon!

**Blossom the EPICLY COOL**

Trading Tips

Trading Tips
Here are some trading tips, I got the idea from Jamaa's Written Truth.

1. Don't let someone else tell you how rare your items are!
Scammers basically want people to think their items are super rare,
and that the person should trade a really rare item for it. Let's say you trade a cream
glove for a leaf necklace that recently came out, and the scammer
runs away. You'll think "What was that for?", then later realize
that you got scammed.

2. Think of popularity before rarity!
As you might know, Yellow Party Hats are the rarest, but does everyone
really want a yellow Hat? Most likely a blue Party Hat will be concidered
rarer, because it is more popular. So, think of the popularity before rarity.
Don't trade a spiked wristband for a slightly odd item not many people want.

3. Overtrade!
Overtrading is when you have lots of small rares (Fox Hats, Gloves, Beards) and want a rare item.
Try doing a dark blue fox hat, black glove, and cream beard for a striped black top hat. It's easier
Then trading the beard for nonmember bat wings, then the bat wings for a founder, then the founder for
the striped black top.

4. Downtrade!
Now you're stuck with a Striped Black Top, and nothing else. Well, downtrading is basically
trading one super rare item for a bunch of smaller rares. Trading a Black Striped Top Hat
for two beards, a purple fox hat, and three legends is a downtrade.

5. Ask for more!
Let's say you have a Founder's Hat and someone will trade a Solid Black Top for it.
All along that would be a fair trade, but you can hide unfair in a few ways. Say something like
"Maybe if you add your cream beard". They will most likely say "fine" and do the trade.

6. Don't be included in the more then 1 person trades.
Someone says, "trade your Solid Black Top Hat for my Fox Hat,
I know Stallion1, she will trade a Founder for it." You trade them your Solid Black Top,
and they run off. They probably NEVER even knew Stallion1 in the first place.

7. Know what's rare and unrare.
Most people think of their Dream Items highly rare, and they may pester you about
Overtrading. Say someone's dream item is their Cream Beard, and they
make you trade three Tops. DON'T DO IT. You always get stuck with their measly
"dream" item, which always happens to be less rare then the items you traded.

8. Make Them trade (ok... not reccommended)
If a difficult trader starts saying no to every offer, let's say
Beard for Legend, say "_____ for ______, final trade. Take it or leave it".
If they still say no, start pestering them about how they could have a Beard right now,
and how beards are really rare, trust me, they'll say "FINE .-." and do the trade.

9. Go somewhere other then Aldan.
Everyone in Aldan knows their rares, and half the people are Beta Testers themselves.
I've gotten two pirate swords for the Rare Monday colored Gazelle Horns and a 2011 Pink
Purse. So, just having someone who doesn't realize your item is less rare then theirs helps.

Keep trading, and you'll get you're dream item someday!

**Blossom Vonclaws the EPICLY COOL**

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Ice Can Break!

Hey guys, I'm aligning this to the middle for no reason o.o
Anyway, remember the Ice in Mt. Shiveer?
What am I talking, of course you remember!
There is a rumor about the ice.
It says if 35 seals hop on it, you all get rares or a membership,
and a large gem bonus. Well, at first I thought it was fake, and then,
She said that it actually took 49 seals, and an extra lion. Here is what she said:

Me: What did you get?
Me: How many gems?
Me: That's really cool!

So you know, the bunny drum, the Penguin Party Iceberg, the Mt.Shiveer Ice, and the
Coral Canyons bridge actually give you rares, gems, and a membership!

My friend was Mayka47, and she was really happy because of this coincidence.

So, hop, hop, hop away!

**Blossom Vonclaws the EPICLY COOL**

Claw Contest!

So, I have a new contest.

Yep, a Claw Challenge! So, screenshot lots of pictures that contain you winning the claw. The Jammer who sends in the most wins gets this cool prize!
A Rare Frankenstien Mask.
I hope you all enjoy entering the contest!

**Blossom the Epicly COOL**

Pages and Journey Book?

Hey guys! I'm trying to work hard on this blog, because my other ones turned into huge messes. Anyway, I have some pages I'm going to add.

About Me
A game guide
Forest Blog Club

Anyway, I'd like to thank Biemer4 for showing me this.
(These are from the AJ spirit because my Webcam is driving me NUTS)

It looks like we're getting a Journey Book Page for Brady's Lab!
Wouldn't it be cool if the prize was a television, where we could watch
videos from Brady's Theater in our den? Anyway, see ya!

**Twinkle the EPICLY COOL**

Monday, April 15, 2013

Jammers of the week!

So, here's some Jammers of the week. They have been really nice and fun, which I appreciate!

Diamondstar23, for being super fun and amazing!
Biemer4, for being fun, helpful, friendly, and guiding me through hard times!
Mayka47, for being friendly and helful, and not giving up on anything!

I have noticed you send me gifts A LOT. I just appreciate the messages, even a plain "Animal Jam Rocks!" card from a nice buddy brightens up my day!
Thank you May, Biemer, and Diamond for really showing me you care!

**Blossom Vonclaws the epicly cool**

Funniest vids EVER

Just found some entertaining funny vids xD


O_O to you.

Wait this one has nothing funny in it... oh well enjoy winning sky high xD

A poem..

Hi again x3
Today I have a poem for you all. It is quite random.
*50 years of thinking*

I've been shredded, cut, and tear,
Brought down by Jammers who just don't care.
I've been lead into several messes,
Which I tried to do my best in,
I tried, and tried, and tried to succeed,
You may think life has scarred me deep.
But I'm still here, to this day,
Ignoring others' unrespectful way,
Brought into danger, brought into lies,
Torn to make others satishfied,
I've been betrayed, been lost,
Tried to help, but led into exhaust,
But my power hasn't left,
Which is what I'm proud of best.

Did you like it? :D comment with your opinions!

Skyways! :D

So, today I have a new little glitch. Not that new (about a year old, silly me xD), but it's a goodie.

Sorry for the flickering, can't help it :P
You got it, Skyways. Skyways are very easy (at least in my den x3) to do, so here's some instructions.

1. Go to my den! My den's skyways are easier then Coral Canyons and such.
2. Click a player card of someone in your world, and pre-open the games tab.

3. Click the tree in the top left hand corner of my den. I always have my castle den ;D

4. Click the game quickly, then cancel.
5. Switch animals while running on the wall to prevent from running off (was that "smart" talk xD)
6. You'll be on the wall :3

**Blossom VonClaws THE EPICLY COOL**