Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Fun things to do!

Random fun things to do.

Trick-Or-Treating: On Halloween, get a few nice buddies to hand out "candy" to Jammers. The candy will be replaced with plushies, and the Good Houses will give out rares. This is optional, but you can decorate your den like a regular house (a bathroom, living room, dining room, ect.) and invite the Jammers inside to talk and have some "candy"! Have your buddy/husband/child to go to Jamaa Township and announce which houses give out candy.

School: This is an oldie but a goodie. Switch dens for each class, or go to a side account's den. Make school fun, and buddy the students so you can make school daily. Have their be school plays, spelling bees, and a weekly drawing contest where the winner can be Teacher's Assistant and will recieve a small rare. On Fridays, test the student's cooking skills by letting them create their own lunch in the Cafeteria. They can also have the Cafeteria Workers try it, and the Workers will sell the food if it tastes good to them.

Book Club: Gather a few Jammers, (no more then four) and ask them about what books they like. Then, ask them if they have it. If they do, have each member read at least a chapter a week, and the member that got the farthest into the book will get to discuss what happened. If the Jammer doesn't have that book, read the story to them (a chapter a day preferably) and then have them tell what part they liked best and the parts where the author was hard to understand.

Wolf or fox scouts: Have the scout members send plushies to Jammers and include a nice letter with each Jam A Gram, and make that count as selling cookies. If someone sells 5-10, give them a normal nonmember item sold in shops, for 15-20, give them a member item sold in shops, for 25-30, give them a nonmember rare, and for 35-40, give them a member rare. You can also have parties and sleepovers to places such as the Sarepia Theater and Conservation Museam.

Play Date: This one's my favorite. Grab a buddy to your den, and create a dining room, a living room, a bedroom, a child room, and a bathroom. First, show them around the house, and start off with playing with toys. When the buddy describes what the toy is doing, move the toys around to match what they say. Then, say it's lunch, sit at the table, and pretend to eat a sandwhich. For a little while, play with a pet or do some games with the buddy, then say you want to show them your treehouse. Go outside and switch your den to a treehouse. and start playing and climbing. After 30 minutes say your mom is calling you, switch to you regular den, have dinner, and say goodbye.

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