Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Here's a little story I made up of Peck's land, Coral Canyons ^.^ I hope you like it!

Peck was given a land full of sand and the yellowish orange canyons, like
the other alphas. She wanted her land to be a bit more fun to create,
it was hard thinking of cool things to add to an empty canyon. Then she
got an idea. She could make a studio, filled with paints, clays, and
all sorts of things she could make artwork with. There was even a place
where jammers could print out coloring and activity sheets, and an easel
where they could paint pictures and send them to AJHQ. She also added
a shop where you could buy banners, wooden toys, and pottery. The shop
didn't last long, though. Soon, it was replaced with a den shop, where jammers
could buy dens while they were exploring the canyons. She also added Epic
Wonders, a mysterious shop with some jamaasian souls like Zios. Peck made
a few carvings in Epic Wonders. One was of Sophia, the horse alpha.
She sold very high value and rare items, like golden bricks, crystal
alpha statues, and golden gloves. Coral Canyons became a very quiet,
peaceful land.

Don't judge, I'm not a great Jamaasian Story-teller. Comment
with your opinion :3.

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